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Hi, I have some scrolling set up via buttons as my page is a one page design, however the scroll amount doesn’t reflect in the mobile version so I want to remove the mobile version so it appears as the desktop site on other devices.

Can someone please explain how to remove mobile and tablet versions from Shapely?

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There isn’t a way to deactivate the responsive nature of the theme because it was actually built to be responsive. We could try and assist you with the scrolling button issue if you provide some more information on it.

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Oh right. Well I use the Scroll to Anchor plugin alongside the buttons and just input the # value. I then put the target short-code in the body of a section which then goes hidden. When pressing the button it then scrolls down to the target.

I have to use an offset of 600 for it to place each section in a suitable place once the scrolling is finished. However the place where the scrolling stops is drastically different on mobile and therefore not a suitable target.

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I see where this is a problem, you can ask the author if there a way to adjust the offset on mobile.
Alternatively, you can try using another plugin, I find that Page scroll to id – WordPress plugin | works well.

You can also try using plugins to render a different mobile version of your website to users.
Here’s an article on some plugins that do this you can try out.

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