Remove of copyright allowed?


At first of all: Thank you for your great Themes!

I saw multiple topics in this forum about how to remove the copyright of the theme.

I’m searching for a Theme for my new Website and I dont want to show another copyright because I create a childtheme too. Is it officially allowed by you to remove the copyright?


Hi Marko,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Is it officially allowed by you to remove the copyright?

Yes but you can’t redistribute the theme removing the copyright from it.

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Hey Movin!

Thank you for your answer! I already started with my project. I modified an default wordpress theme with a childtheme so I have nice SEO ratings. You answer was a bit too late. :smiley:

But thats no problem! :wink: I try the Theme in an future project. Is it allowed to all your free themes to remove the copyright? I dont want to redistribute it. Its just for the individual use on one page. I want to try your free themes because I maybe want to buy your great premium themes in the future.


We currently don’t have any premium theme and we are providing all our themes as free and yes as said above you can remove the copyright.