remove or make the logo bar on the top of the page transparent

Hey guys!
First I have to say your theme is awesome! THANK YOU!

I was clicking through the forum but couldn’t find a way to solve my problem.
There is this white space on the top of my page. I have no logo and just want the white space to disappear.
The burger symbol can stay where it is but hopefully without white background.
I already added some code (you can see it on the eft side of the pics) but the code just makes the menu bar tranparent. Which is cool but doesn’t solve my problem with the white logo title bar.

Help me to get the white away! Pleeeease!!! :s




It is a bit tricky to do with Custom CSS, if you don’t want logo or menu means use this Chid theme without the white bar,

Let us know,


Hey Laranz!

Thanks for your super fast reply!

I think I said it a bit wrong…I actually want a menu bar on the top but I need it to be transparent. so that the white space is gone!

Is there a solution for this?

Thank you so much!