Remove page title and date from full-width page

Whenever I use the template to create a full-width page, the page title and date shows up at the top left of each page. I would like to disable this feature. Does anyone know how?

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This can be done with the help of some Custom CSS. Kindly provide me with a link to a page with this so that I may be able to write up some CSS that should work for your setup.

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Hello! Thanks for the reply. Here is my site: I tried to find the right class to take off the title, but I’m running in to problems because I still want to have the post title show on the blog page (just not on the regular static pages).

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  • Erin

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Thanks for providing the link.

In order to get this done, you’ll need to go ahead and add and save the code below to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

.page-template-full-width, .page-template-full-width .entry-meta {
    display: none!IMportant;

Please let me know if there are any other questions that I may answer for you.

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Thank you SO much! That’s amazing :slight_smile: It worked perfectly.

I have the same issue, the site is not live yet thought but you can see it here:

I tried to follow the code above but it doesnt seem to work.

Really like youre shapley theme, but I have some similar issue: I’m desperatly trying to remove the title, author and date heading at the full width jetpack portfolio pages, but no code I found works.

This is a picture of a single portfolio page with the heading I want to remove/and a link to the page.

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– mb

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@sfxchurch I tried to access the page, however the page could not be reached.

@breuerphotos You can use CSS code to remove the elements.

I would have to ask you both to create a new forum post for your issues respectively so that we can assist you individually otherwise it will be very difficult to troubleshoot 2 issues in the same post.

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Hi there,
I’m creating my new website using the nice shaped Shapely, but have some strange visual appearance…

I’ve 2 problems/questions:

  1. I’m suffering the same problems as described above; I want to remove the date and the author (page title should remain), but above mentioned CSS code doesn’t fix the problem. It can be my mistake, because knowledge of CSS codes is very poor. It appeared suddenly (last update of Shapely?) and will not appear at my homepage. For all other pages it appears. I’m using a variety of widths at pages, full with, sidebar included or excluded. Is it possible to create a selection possibility to show date and author at the page? I want to make an other website using Shapely in near future

  2. Is it possible to change the the font type of the page titles
    my website

Thanks in advance