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My post title is being cut off at 8 words, how can I remove the limit so that the whole title will always be shown?

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You can use this solution:

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It worked for the single post view, but when I’m on the main home page the full title is still not displayed. How can I make it work on both?

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Could you edit the following files:

shapely\template-parts\content-grid-small.php line 48
shapely\template-parts\content-grid-wide.php line 55
shapely\template-parts\content-search.php line 48

and remove the wp_trim_words function so the whole title is shown.

Also remove the wp_trim_words function from this file:

shapely\template-parts\content.php line 59

So essentially you should have something similar to this:

<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>

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Hi @wanderingnarrator,

Always do those edits in a child theme, else it will be removed during the theme update.

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Thanks so much for all of your help and clear instructions, I made the edits in a child theme and it worked without issue!

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