Remove sections from menu

How do we remove certain clickable links on the menu. The sections have been removed so those are not needed.


If you mean menu by navigation bar at the very top of the page, I’m giving you a solution. If you didn’t mean this, try to explain your question a bit more.

So, first of all, you need to create your own menu in Appearance -> Menu.
There, use custom links. Each page section has its own link as written below.


Of course, you need to replace dot with name of your webpage. When you are done, save the menu.
Now you need to add this menu to your illdy page, which can be done in Appearance -> Customize. There, in Illdy’s customization menu, click on “Menu”, remove the old one and add your own.

Have a good day

Thanks. It worked.

Thumbs up, thank you for sharing the solution!