Remove Side Bar for Shop Page, Product Categories, but not for the Product.

I have a trouble removing the side bar for my Shop Page and Product Categories. I tried using the customized CSS code below:

/* Remove sidebar from product pages */
.woocommerce #secondary {
display: none;

By doing this, it removes the side bar for Shop Page, Product Categories, and the Product. However, I want to keep the sidebar for the product because I will implement a Request A Quote button, that is only visible in products. Please help me, Thank you!

FYI: Shop Page is the auto-created page by WooCommerce, placed in the menu.
All Product Categories are sub menu of Shop Page.
All Products are sub items of Product Categories.

Here is my website:

Also, I would like to make my Shop Page and Product Categories pages full width, and keep the side bar for the products!

Hey there

Sorry, but unfortunately there is no option in the theme to selectively remove sidebars from the product, category, or shop pages, unfortunately at this moment this is not possible, you may need to search for third party plugins to do this

Thanks Noda for your respond,

If that’s the case, is there any way for me to have different side bars for Shop Page, Product Category Pages and Product Pages? Because if I change one, the others will also be affected.


Hey there

It’s possible but only if you find a third-party plugin for this, from the theme it’s not possible to manage such things