remove sidebar in page and categories

Hi guys and sooo thanks colorlib for this wonderful theme !

Little question about Illdy

my website :

My questions :

Merci ! :slight_smile:

Hello @vddfr,

Thank you for using our themes and for the kind words!

At the current moment, the easy hack to remove sidebars for blog and posts would be to use this CSS code:
#sidebar { display: none; }

But this will leave a white spacing in the right, so trying to get the content on full-width might get quite tricky and require extensive coding.

I will track this request, though, and push it to be included in the future.

As for the article header, you should try this css code:

.single #header { display: none; }

Let me know if the above worked as expected.


so thanks for your quick answer !
Oh yeah that’s cool
yes, as you said, there is a huge white spacing
i really hope / pray /ask (ah ah) to make some update to make disappear that
love it if you get a aolution for that !

for the article header : you get it ! perfect ! thanks

If ever…can we just make disappear in an artcle the image on top (option when you write an article)

Merci !

Hello vddfr,

I’m happy that you I could help so far!

I’m not sure I understand the last question, so maybe you can provide me a screenshot or better guidance for it and I’ll do my best to do the same.

Kind regards

sorry for that

  1. did you find a solution to have full size horizontally on a post

2)do you know if it’s possible to remove the illustrating image on a topic
(see joined). I need this picture for the homepage, for click on category but want to make it disappear on a post …

Thanks you “merci !” :slight_smile:

Hello @vddfr,

The full size blog feature requires to much custom dedicated coding to get it temporary hacked.
I have tracked this request and now we can only hope that this will get featured in the shortest time.

Try this CSS code to hide the featured image:

.blog-post-image { display: none; }

Best regards

ok for waiting about my demand

about featured image…not like that
-when you click on category:
i need to see the featured image

-when i click on the post i need to make it disappear (because i need to display a second picture, not the featured image)
Example :
2 pictures : the good one and…the featured image that i don’t need to display in the post

Help !

If I’m not mistaken, you should try this code:

.single .wp-post-image { display: none; }

Let me know if it did the trick!

it’s soo perfect !


That’s great :slight_smile: