Remove skill bars from About section

Hi, if I remove all the skill bars from the About section, they still all appear on the page. Is there a way to properly remove the skill bars???

Paul did you figure this out? The same thing is happening for me!

Hey Kathleen - no luck yet! Would love to hear if you manage to figure it out too. It’s the only thing stopping me using this theme!

I just submitted a ticket about it too. The only thing can get it to do is show the grey lines. I ‘removed’ all three of them. Then I went to ‘add widget’ and added them again, but didn’t fill out any of the fields and so they show up but just a grey line so it could look like a makeshift divider line, but I’m still not thrilled.

You can hide that section by adding this bit to the custom css UI:

/* Hide About section content */
#about .section-content {
	display: none;

Hey there

@manwel thank you for sharing solution,
yes indeed, css code provided by @manwel should work, please add that code in appearance > customize > additional css

guys let me know if this solution worked

Thank you so much for your quick response, guys.

What in the heck am I doing wrong? I copied @manwel’s code. And it is giving me warnings and not changing the section.

Forget it! I figured it out! Thanks again!

It’s the forum that’s hiding the first column of any code you paste, it caught me too also in the past!

Hi There

@manwel Yes, you are right and this will be fixed very soon, most probably from tomorrow :wink:
Since this ticket is already resolved i will close this here