Remove slider image from post in home page

Hi, hoping to get some help in how to remove my slider image from the home page post section. I have checked off the box that reads ‘Check to exclude slider post from Homepage posts’ but my image and text still shows up in the home page post section. Not to sure what else to do. Thanks

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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Thank you for your reply website is

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Once again, please make sure its disabled from theme options and if it still refused to work then please add this css in appearnace> customize > additional css:

/Hide slider on homepage/
.featured-slider, .featured-slider .slider-cycle {
display: none;

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Thank you for the reply but the css provided removed the slider not the slider image in home page post.

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Sorry, but can you clarify your question little bit? there is only one image after menu, slider and you wanted to remove it. Maybe i not clearly understand your question?

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What I would like NOT to be visible on the home page is the image that shows up on the post below the slider image. This first image is my slider image that was created in the post. I would like the image not to be visible in the home page post. Thanks

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

/*Hide feature image on homepage*/
.home .post-featured-image {
display: none;

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