Remove space between header and content


First of all I am a complete beginner with basic understandings through a few hours of youtube. I apologise whole heartedly for this and appreciate your future patience. Everyone has to start somewhere…

Anyway I have two issues:

  1. I want to remove the space between the content (top of image - see attachment 1) and the header menu. I added the image to a row as background using the Visual Editor/Page Builder widget

  2. I have somehow added in a some content inside the header. When the header height is at minimum, it shows as a grey line (See Attachment 1). When I expand the height of the header it shows a green “Hello World” box with a grey box showing a tagline (See attachment 2). It links to the blog page. I obviously do not want it inside the header.

Thanks in advance for your help

I am having the same problem. Have you fixed it yet?

Hey, I just fixed it. Just go to theme option and uncheck the “Check if you want to enable slider”. See the attached img file. It worked!

yes, thanks that fixed the content in the header problem.

but I still have my white space between header menu and content problem…