Remove Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress from footer


As per the solution provided here I’ve installed the suggested plugin. It provides two fields: “Find” and “Replace With”.

What do I enter to have “Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress” removed?

I tried adding “Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress” and “<p>Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress</p>” in the “find” field and tried leaving the “Replace With” field blank or display “© Lipstick Alchemist, 2017” but all four combinations failed. Please help.

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Don’t use that plugin instead you can remove that copyright by using the custom child theme solution posted in the following topic.

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In order to remove the Colorlib copyright, you can use the following CSS code to hide it but the text you added will also be gone:

/*Hide copyright*/
.copyright {
    display: none;

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I want the footer to read “© Lipstick Alchemist, 2017” actually.

When I replace [] then my copyright appears before “Theme by Colorlib…” and when i replace [<!-- .site-info -->] it shows up after “Theme by Colorlib…”.

In both cases the default copyright shows up. What HTML should I input to replace it with custom copyright in the footer?

I tried sharing the HTML I used but it doesn’t show up right on the forum. Sorry about that.

First tell me which solution are you using?

Are you using the child theme solution shared in the following topic?

If yes then what result are you getting and how do you want to display it?

I used the find and replace plugin. The child theme seems to solve one problem and create 10 more, as seen on the forum, so I’ve steered clear of it.

When I replace some snippets from the footer.php my copyright appears before “Theme by Colorlib…” and when i replace some other snippet, it shows up after “Theme by Colorlib…”.

What HTML should I actually insert? I wish you had specified that when you suggested the plugin so it would be quicker and easier resolve. I really know nothing about it, so any help would be much appreciated.

I don’t recommend find and replace plugin but the child theme.

If you still want to use it then you can try replacing following text in the plugin with space.

Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress

I tried plain text but that didn’t work which is why I asked if maybe I should input HTML.

Then you have to use child theme solution.