Remove Title and Post Date from carousel

Dear Aigars,

I’m using your theme… it’s really superb!

I’m really in the beginning, but, day-by-day i’ll put it better!

My site:

I need your help…

1st - In carousel slider, how can i remove the title “untitled” and the post date #September 2, 2014"

2nd - how can i remove on carousel images the grey background?

Thanks in advance,



Make sure to remove all unnecessary code which is wrapped around your slider code. Open your post in Text/HTML editor and remove everything and leave only your actual slider shortcode like this:

[image-carousel twbs="3"]

To understand what is Text/HTML editor I am talking about, please make sure to read this article.

To get rid of title and date you can add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.home .posted-on,
.home .entry-title {
    display: none;

I am a bit puzzled why you have attempted to modify theme like this. You could have used regular static page on front page and that would avoid most other mistakes you have made so far in code.

Hello Aigars,

Thank you so much for you patience…

I do not pretend to modify your great Theme. Sorry if it looks like i want too.

With your help i already solved that problems… now, i have another two :expressionless:

1st - In our site it appears near footer in all pages the signal “–>”.

I already look how to remove this, but with no success. Can you help?

2nd - we create somo galleries but when we clique in a picture it don’t works like your theme… wit carousel plugin… i suppose …

Please check it here…

Many thanks…

Both are fairly easy to solve.

  1. When you commented out code from sidebar.php you left in it. Personally I would leave sidebar file with opening and closing php tags and the rest I would remove completely. Other solution would be to get rid of <?php get_sidebar(); ?> from all template files, so sidebar.php would not be loaded at all.

  2. Make sure to enable Jetpack Carousel module. You already have Jetpack installed and enabled but you also need to enable this module to make images to work the same way as in our theme demo.

Hello Aigars.

thank you for the speed with which you respond to my questions. Your theme is fantastic! I’ll rate it and put a good opinion about your topic and about you in wordpress.

Appeared to me two questions though …

1st - In the carousel, title and date appear again, having already placed the same code in Theme-Options - Other

.entry-meta .date, 
.entry-meta .author {
    display: none;

My theme-optins css as only this code:

.carousel {
    margin-top: -20px;
.social:after {
    content: "00351 96 893 93 26";
    display: block;
.carousel-caption h4 {
    background: #ffffff;
    background: rgba(54, 215, 183, 0.5);

.entry-meta .date, 
.entry-meta .author {
    display: none;

2nd - how to put text over images on the carousel? The two background transparent boxes with text … as in your theme?

my site is

Thanks you so much for your help.

  1. Your website is still missing this code I provided earlier which will get rid of title and date.
.home .posted-on,
.home .entry-title {
    display: none;
  1. Just add title and excerpt to your sliders and that information will be displayed on slider. Here is an example from my theme demo: