Remove title from WordPress static page

Aigars, your theme is very nice, I like it a lot. However, I am having trouble removing the title of static pages. I followed your instruction and inserted the code:

.page-title {
display: none;

into the custom CSS theme options and it has no effect on the page title. The strange bit is that any changes I make directly into styles.css does not have an effect either. I have tried changing font size or color, and nothing happens.

Could you please provide an URL to your website. Right now I have no idea why it could happen. My bet is that it could be caused by cache plugin so cache is not cleaned when you update style.css or Theme Settings.

Many thanks Aigars for responding back so quickly. I realized that the code in custom CSS is actually hiding the titles of posts, not pages, which is what I need. I am working with the design on a local server, but the live site is this one: You won’t find much there, but there you will see the title ‘Home’ that I want to hide.

Another thing I would like to do is to reduce the font of the copyright information, I might erase the “powered by wordpress” and leave the rest, but the font size is currently the same (or similar) as the content text. I don’t seems to find the right place to change the font size.

Thanks a bunch

Tor change copyright information you will have to edit footer-extensions.php which you can find in theme folder – library – structure.

Just to change copyright font size you can use these lines of CSS.

#site-generator .copyright {
	font-size: 12px;

Place it in Child Theme style.css or inside Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS.

To hide page titles you can use these lines

.page .entry-title {
    display: none;

This will remove titles from all Pages but will leave them present for Posts.

All your advises worked beautifully. Thank you very much.