Remove website's identity, and category header on post pages


I’m wondering if there’s a way to remove the website’s identity and leave no logo, no name, etc. With that, I want the blog’s content to go up, since I’m thinking the logo takes too much space on smaller screens like my laptop’s. Similar to that, I’d like to know if there’s a way to remove the post’s category that shows up on the top when you open them.

In case my explanation isn’t clear, I’m adding an image of what I have in mind (an example only of the front page).

I appreciate the help!


Hey there

Well, not a usual request but try this css code:

header#masthead {
display: none;


It removed the logo, but also the menu. The category name still shows up on the post page. In case there’s another name for it in English, I’m adding a screenshot of it, it’s the part that says “Resenhas”.

Hey there

Ok, you will be able to hide logo and title by this code:

.cat-title {
display: none;

Thank you, it works wonderfully! :smiley: