Removing category page titles in Travelify

Hi Aigars,
I’m still loving your theme but have hit a snag. I have several pages showing posts on my site that are actually just categories placed into the menu like pages. I hope that makes sense. I’ve used this CSS:

.page-title {
display: none;

found elsewhere in the forums to remove page titles. It works for all except the pages that are just categories. Is there any way to remove the page titles from the category pages?

Here is a link to one of the pages in question:


This code that you mentioned should hide category page tiles. The ones that you see on top and are just name of the category.

As you are using coming soon plugin I can’t view your site to see what is going on. If you need assistance it would be great if you could temporarily disable this plugin and notify me.

My apologies. I forgot to disable the coming soon plugin. But I double-checked the CSS and I had an error in it. So this is resolved. Thanks so much for following up.