Removing Leave a Reply in Main Page

I used Travelify theme and wanted to remove the “Leave a Reply” including the comments bar below. I tried the steps from related forums but it doesn’t work on me.Please help me.Thank you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s front page or regular page the process for all pages and posts is the same. Here you can find more information on official WordPress documentation.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, it was still there. I unchecked about the comments setting also in Discussion but it doesn’t work.

here is my temporary website:

I’m sorry, my layout was not good enough.I’m still improving it. :slight_smile:
I appreciate your theme so much.

I already removed the “Leave a reply” right now. Thank you so much!

Can you please tell me why it was not working in the first place? Did you use another approach for that?