Removing of footer

Hey guys,

any idea how to get rid of this footer or edit it? I can’t find it anywhere under customize. :confused:

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These are available in the footer widgets. Please go to Appearance > Widgets and remove the widgets that are in the footer widget areas.

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Dear Support,

I have checked that section before - there is no widget area for that particluar area.
That’s the problem :frowning:

Would it be possible to be a bit more precise for that widget section?

I have the same issue and have started a similar thread. would be great to get some clear instructions.

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This section is a dynamic sidebar that the theme generates if a footer sidebar widget is not manually set within the Widgets section.

The code that controls this section can be found in wp-content/themes/illdy/footer.php on lines 33-64 where you may change the contents of this section accordingly.

Once you add a widget to any of the footer sections, the contents within the respective Footer Block will be removed accordingly.

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