Removing the featured image from blog post, but keeping it on the blog page

Is it possible in a future update for you to give some easy way for us to choose having the featured image display only on the overall blog page, but not show up on the posts themselves? I know you have provided CSS solutions for this to people in the past, but I am terrible at CSS and don’t want to destroy my website. It seems that this has been brought up several times before and lots of us would just like this to be a simpler way to select not showing the featured image in the post itself. The way it shows now looks terrible so I have to just not post a featured image at all. I like everything else about this theme, otherwise I would switch. I happen to use a different theme for my other website and I like how it shows a smaller image on the blog page, then does not show it on the post page so I have more control of how the post looks.

Hi @arwene,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

I have created a feature request for it on the following page so that it can be considered to be developed in the future version of theme.

In the meanwhile you can use the custom solution that you know we have shared which will not affect functionality of your site.

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I have now tried adding this (which I found in the forum) to the custom CSS area in wordpress and it didn’t change anything related to my featured image. What am I doing wrong?

body.single-post #main .single-featured {
display: none;

Ok, so instead I tried this one and it actually worked. Thank goodness!!!:

body.single-post .page-header img {
display: none;

Awesome great to see you got that worked.

Please advise if you have more questions.

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