Replace Jumbotron and move behind transparent navigation

Hello Colorlib
I’ve seen in the forum how to replace the Jumbotron with Master Slider. Done that - it works. But it left the default image in the background of the navigation.

What appeals about the Illdy theme is that it looks like the navigation floats above the hero image. But the Master Slider images do not appear behind the navigation.

How do I remove the default background image and make the slider images appear there? Can I make the navigation background transparent and move the slider image up behind it?

Also, how can I add the Master Slider to other pages? Currently I added an image to the 404 page and that is being used as a header image on ALL pages. I would like to put different images on different pages.

Thanks for your help.


Hi There,

I’d love to have a look at your site and try to help.

Please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box


Thanks for your help. One slight change - I have now removed the background image successfully. But I would still like to make the Master Slider images appear behind the navigation. I’ll load the plugin you mention.

Temporary Password Plugin is loaded and activated.

I’ve set up an admin user account for you.

Hello again. Is anyone able to advise on this?

I would like the master slider to sit behind a transparent menu - much like the single images on other pages do. Is this possible?

Many thanks


Hello Aygee

Can you tell me where to see the default bg image of the jumbotron? i just browsed your website and can’t see anything like that

Hi Noda

I found some CSS code on these support pages to remove the background image, which I have added.
What confused me, initially, was that the background image appears to be in 2 sections (one part of it behind the navigation, and the rest as a separate piece that I replaced with the Master Slider) - so I ended up with a nav bar which had your image and a slider with a different image. But now I’ve coded out the default image (and initially I couldn’t see the background image to be able to remove it, but have also done that now too).

Anyway, now all I really need to know is how to move the Master Slider to the top of the page so that it sits behind the navigation and to have no colour on the navigation background so that I can see the slider images - much like the other pages on the site, where the image is behind the navigation, and the navigation panel only goes solid colour when you scroll. Would you be able to help me achieve this?

Many thanks