Replace site title with logotype


Love your theme. But would like to replace the site title to the left of the menu with my logotype. Seems like such a great place for it.

I dont want to put a big header above the menu, just replace the site title.
Ive succeeded with display none so the site title isnt visible anymore, but cant seem to find how to put the logotype there instead.

My page is:

Thankful for any help.


You didn’t need to hide website title to replace it with logo as theme would do it automatically for you. Logo can be added via WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Header.

Hi again

Thanks. I thought I’d tried that but I must have been mistaken.
Worked great. Thanks for such a quick repsonse.

Have seen that you answer peoples questions very quickly.
I think that great and good job.

Really like your theme, am also using ypur childtheme.


Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it!