Request for css code for color, font size for front page

So, a couple of things. I would like to have control over every color and font choice on the page that isn’t already in the customizer, but have limited experience with css. I’ve tried bringing over code before and gotten error messages, so I’m going to need really exact help with figuring out what to enter. I’m reasonably competent at pasting code if the code is exact, and can work from there to tweak things further. I used to code my html by hand, and have a strong, but out-of-date graphics design background, so I’m not totally clueless, just too old and tired at this point to try to learn this from scratch.

What I want to change:
Sitewide I need to change all post titles to a much lighter color than they are right now, or a darker color. This middling grey is unreadable with my color scheme and not accessibility friendly.
All body text needs to be larger and higher contrast. I do not use bright white or full black anywhere because of my own vision/sensory issues. I don’t know what the current font size is, but rest assured it is much too small for a desktop/laptop with a decent sized screen for anyone over the age of 40 or with any visual difficulties. Eyeballing it from here it looks like roughly 10 point type at 100% magnification on my 1980x1080 (or whatever, I forget the exact numbers) 15.6 inch laptop in Chrome (Windows 10). It needs to be at least 14 point (relatively) or higher. Regardless, if I have code to change font size that specifies that, I can tweak it. I’d prefer to use something that defaults to what the user specifies for web pages in general?
I want to be able to control headlines, headers and subheads by size.

Preferred dark-background color scheme:
Dark Background and dark text = Nearly black red, #140000
Accents (post headers, buttons, subheads): Cornflower blue: #8094fc
Links: Sensory friendly red: #C1201F
Pale Background and pale text: paleiwinkle: #c8d2ff or possibly dark ecru #FFE7A9 (this may vary from widget to widget? I don’t know how to do that, though.)

I think I’ve managed to correctly establish my typography in terms of font selection.

On to the other issues:
I need everything that’s currently black to be #140000 very dark red, in order to be seamless with the rest of my site design.

If possible, I want a drop shadow on all text over background images for readability, and need that section’s text to be either of the pale text options, not white. Any time text is on top of an image I want a little bit of drop shadow for readability.

The white bar at the top would be better in either of the lightest color scheme colors. The kerning is weird on the menu, I’m not sure what to do about that. Slightly larger and more readable would be good, also it would be better for the menu to be right next to the logo? Right now the logo is swimming off on the side and looks lonely.

I don’t really want the logo to have padding on the top and bottom–I would prefer that it define the height of the upper bar exactly.

Also, am I missing something on the social widget? It doesn’t appear to do anything other than put text on the page? Not particularly useful, that. I want a quick link to “subscribe to my blog” there.

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To make it easier for you here’s a chrome extension you can use to easily manipulate CSS on your website.
It will generate the code for you, which you’ll then paste in the additional CSS section of the theme options.
Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

Style Bot Extention

You should be able to make the changes you wish with this extension, if you’re unable to do so let us know, and we’ll assist.

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