Request Help and problems found on Fashe Theme

Hello everyone.
Im building a website with Fashe theme which is pretty good but i actually have trouble with different things.

  1. I didnt find any way to translate sweetalert message (see attachment n1)

  2. I don’t understand how i can set up filters on the sidebar on collection page as you can see on attachment n2

  3. See attachment n3. When you click on “add to cart” while using Collection Tabs on the home page it shows 2 times the product as seen on the screenshot.

  4. On a product page, when you click on Add to cart, it will work but not aupdate the cart. After that if you resfresh it will actually show what you added to cart but if you want to remove a product by cliking on the X it won’t do anything (see attachment n4)

  5. By using Collection Tab if you click on add to cart one time it will add to cart. If you click again for the same product it will show an alert (see attachment n5)

Thanks for your help
Best regards


I hope you are doing well today.

What version of Fashe are you using? Is it the Shopify of template version?

Best Regards,


Its the version 3. And yes its on shopify.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Its the latest version i believe V3. And yes its on shopify.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! I am having the same issues as well! Is there any way to find out the answers to this please!!?

dvd01 make sure you are using latest version of the theme :slight_smile:

I am using the latest v3 theme for Shopify, downloaded both from the site and the github page, the issues are still there.

Dvd01 we cant work with more than 1 customer in the same ticket, can you please start a new ticket?