Request - merging two themes

First of all i want to thank you for great themes. I love it!
I use Illdy as my default theme, but I’m not pleased about look of blog section (not at start page, just blog).
Is there any possibility to change blog style as it is at Sparkling theme?
I mean shapes of notes, auto-size photos, grey background around notes, and so on…
I want to save header as it is at Illdy, but have content as it is at Sparkling.

Which files I need to repleca to do it? Or maybe I need to do some tricks at editor?
(I dont care about colors - I can change it by myself doing css:))

Can you help me?
Or can you do it for me as premium theme?

Site is running (temporary) at

Hello @jotes82,

Thank you for the kind words, for using our themes and for looking to get the best out of it.

From what I can tell there’s definitely custom work involved getting to any of this kind of modifications.

My personal approach would be to import the others theme CSS dedicated styling while adding and custom styling some current elements to get to the same feeling. If you are looking for any premium custom work services you can add me on Skype (Ion Rutz) for more details like rate and how to achieve this.

Best regards

But, I do not use skype.
Can we contact via @?

If so - wookash |at|