Resize menu

How I can resize the white bar menu?

I have a problem in the font size of the “home_parallax-10”
If I have a clear background image the font is white.
If I remove the background o “A Diuncorpo” goes to size h3.
How can I change the text “A Diuncorpo” to H1 with background off? or with light gray background and the text only of that parallax-2 in black?
I have tested these below with no result:

#shapely_home_parallax-10 .btn {
font-size: 20px;”
“/Parallax font size/
.top-parallax-section h3 {
font-size: 100px;


Hey there

Use this css code to fix header height problem:
/Navigation bar height/
.main-navigation {
padding: 0px 0;

and this code to change text size, color and font weight if you need it:

/H3 headr text in parallax sextion/
#shapely_home_parallax-10 h3 {
font-size: 46px !important;
color: green;
font-weight: 500;

It’s perfect!! Thanks!!

I only have one more request! :stuck_out_tongue:
Would it be possible in the portfolio, that each line had only 2 large images (2 columns)?
Because the bigger I make the smaller the images they appear … even being in the Mansonry Layout

hi agupmoda

Ups, im so sorry to say but looks like this is not possible by default :frowning: basically you have are using rectangular images and only solution is to edit images before uploading on the portfolio, :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate if there is anything else :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend

Hello! Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
Yes, that’s exactly what I thought and tried, but they always adapt and stay in only 1 row and 4 columns (there are only 4 images that I have to expose)
Do you have any way to get them 2 columns? Because as for the size of the image I can edit them
The image that is currently on the site has 1810 px / 1315 px


Good evening

Sorry, but this is not only about columns here, images is also resized for 4 columns and even if we have here 2 column they will not fit good in 2columns, they will be stretched and pixelated :frowning:
Sorry buddy