Resize slider on home page?

Love the dazzling theme, but I’d like to change the size of the home page slider to be a bit narrower, and I can’t find the location for the size generated of 1920 x550 e.g.
<div class=“flexslider”><ul class=“slides”><li><img width=“1920” height=“550”…

I looked in the flexslider css, main css, and various php files (not that comfy in php land but still didn’t find the size defined using search.)

how can I change the size? Thank you very much and thanks for a terrific theme.

Homepage slides doesn’t resize images at all and it will show the same size image as you upload. If you upload 4000px by 3000px image then it is what you will see as result. CSS will make sure that this image will be from one edge to another but it won’t crop it to make it smaller.

I have used 1920 x 550 px images on my theme demo because I feel that this is the most appropriate size but you can use any image size you like.

Oh, d’uh, I only changed one of three images. Thank you!

In my website, featured image resize mi image.
What can i do?

Original size upliaded is 1920x
But it is resized to 1028x

Hi @raulgs82,

I hope you are well today.

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