Resize social links for Travelify WordPress theme

Hi. Great theme, thanks very much.
Im very new to this so i have a few questions.

  1. Ive been trying to make the social links in the header slightly larger and move them. How can i do this.
  2. I want to move my logo slightly further to the right so its in the centre of the white space.

Thanks in advance. Im using a child theme and have made some changes the CSS by googling others problems and using the suggested code.
Thank you. Dan

my homepage is

It depends where you can to move those icons and how you want to style them. Also logo position depends on social media icons as they are in the same block and changing one thing will require to change another.

Here is a simple code that could change social media icon size and slightly move lego on the left to make it centered.

.social-icons ul li a {
  font-size: 30px;
#site-logo {
  margin-left: 14%;