Responsive Design doesn't work

Hi there,

the pc and laptop version ist cool, but the responsive design for smartphones doesn’t work.

Please check out
What can I do?

Thank you.


Hi Markus

Please be more specific, what does mean “responsive design for smartphones doesn’t work”? I just checked your website and I can’t see anything unusual, please provide details about the problem

Oh sorry and thanks, that you checked out the website.
When I open the website with my smartphone, there is no slider picture displayed and the menue isn’t working. There must be a bug for “mobile version” (responsive design means website for all terminals like pc, tablet and smartphone).

It’s the same, when I check out the website through google search:
With Firefox and Chrome no Slider photo.

zip does not contain a valid theme: mitheme.liquidssing template "layout

That’s what’s popping up when I tryed to upload the virtual assistant theme.
James bonnett
[email protected]
If I can’t this figured ill just take my money back
Thank you

Hi @Crazyjb

Can you please better describe your problem? the file name you mentioned here is not a HTML template,

If I open the website on my smartphone (mobile version) and if I try to click on the three line on the left header (menue), nothing happen and no menue is open.
On the other side the slider picture isn’t displayed.

When I open the theme from a computer, I have the menue etc., but on mobile device nothing works and the slider picture isn’t shown. What happened to the mobile version (responsive design)?