Responsive Design on new Mobile devices

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Currently i have a problem with the responsive design on new mobile devices. Due to the high display resolution of such new smartphones, the mobile version just looks like a small desktop version (e.g. logo is too small, text is too small, etc.).
I know how to change the breaking point and therefore the font size, but that really doesnt solve the problem. Therefore the preview in the customizer section for mobile is much larger then the real site on a new smartphone.

Is there any advice?

Site name is

Hey there

It looks normal to me, can you please share a screenshot from your device?
also, make sure you don’t have desktop view enabled on your phone

Hey there,

screenshot from a Galaxy S20 is attached. The desktop view isnt enabled. Although that wouldnt make a big visual difference.

I hope you can see the problem.

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That’s normal, I have the same, please check screenshot form S20 Screenshot by Lightshot


yeah but in my opinion that isnt really user friendly. We already had some complaints about the small navigation and the small text. So isnt there any possible solution to bypass that effect? Most traffic on our site is by tablet and mobile. Therefore its a bit tricky if the mobile view doesnt display properly.

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I see you made some changes to the text? is this what you wanted?

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No, not really. I just changed the layout of the page using more parallex sections. But the problem with the text size remains.

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Sorry for the annoyance, but i‘m still searching for a solution.
Would be grateful if you have any advice for me.

Hi there

This is how it appears for me and I think this is absolutely normal, we have the exact same appearance on our website, Screenshot by Lightshot
If you want to change something on this layout let me know and I will help, but only saying “site is not responsieve” is not a problem description, let me know what exactly you want to change :slight_smile: