Responsive doesn't respond well ...


My website is working ok on desktop but the parallax and the logo are going rogue on mobile.
I’ve had this problem before the update and you gave me a solution that I can’t find anymore …
Please help :confused:


Hello again,

Any news regarding the update and everything?
I know it must be a hand-full to deal with everything that went wrong for everyone but
if you could just give us an idea of the time it’s gonna take to fix it, I would know whether I have to switch the site off for a few days or not…
Quick reminder of what’s not working for me:

  • everything parallax related (so mostly homepage)
  • responsive version (distorted everywhere and not displaying at all on safari)

Thanks so much for your help and very sorry to be insisting so much, but this website is how I make my living so ^^
Thanks again,


Hi @ninehutty,

Sorry for a late in response.

Can you share us your website URL to check the issue?
Which version of the theme and shapely companion plugin you’re on?

Let us know,


Hello laranz,

Thanks for your answer.
So my website is here :
The version is 1.1.2

The main issue is regarding the display of the responsive version, as you’ll see on the screenshot attached,
the placement is wrong and the parallax isn’t working.

Thanks so much for your help,



Parallax have some issues with the mobile browsers especially iOS, it won’t work instead it displays a background image, for now I report this to our developers, if there is any workaround they will fix in the upcoming version.

Let us know if you have any other questions.