Responsive header images and side navgation


I am trying to make the header images (the coffee cup one, not the jumbatron image) responive, I have cropped the images to the 1920 x 532 but on smaller screens the images simply remain that size, same on mobile version. Is there a way to make the the featured images that the headers are set at responsive?

Also is there a way of adding side navigations to pages?


Hey there

Can i see your problem in action? please provide url to your page

Thanks, here is an example of the images not resizing:

Regarding side navigation, how would I add one to the above page?

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@harvey your image is perfectly aligned for mobile devices, there is no another way to fit it differently on smaller screen devices, i mean with css code this is not possible to change in better way, you can only choose different image size or a different image. at this moment image is truing to cover full visible are when its resized for different screens plus, it will be always center aligned horizontally and vertically
Regarding navigation - unfortunately this theme does not have such function and my suggestion is to search for third-party plugins for side navigation

Regards Noda