Responsive Images in Parallax section?

Hello everybody!
I noticed, that there is no srcset-attribute set in the source-code of the page, when I insert an image in the “Parallax section for Frontpage” (choose image -> , Background full). Is this right? I’m wondering, if those big header images are loaded in mobile view, too. That’s not really good practice, I think. Is there a solution to use srcset?

Thanks in advance!

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As it stands srcset was not used in the development of the theme so in order to add it the theme would have to be reworked or you can try using a third party plugin to add it in but most of those plugin are outdated. Here is one such plugin:

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Thank you for your reply,
I’ve tested a few plugins to insert the srcset attribute, but unfortunately no plugin works with the shapely theme :frowning:
The plugin, you suggested, even produced an error.
Is there no possibility to use responsive image functionality?

By the way, how I described in another thread, the image ALT-tag is ignored in the “Parallax section for Frontpage”. Also a little piece of code, I had to insert within an -tag, has been deleted. Is this normal?

Thanks in advance!