Responsive menu not working in front page jumbotron

On all pages and blog posts for my site, the main menu in the header is responsive, meaning it is replaced with an expandable hamburger menu icon. However, this doesn’t work on my front page in the Illdy theme jumbotron. Instead, the whole menu disappears and is not replaced by a hamburger menu. (website:

My first question is how to make the menu responsive on the front page.

My second question is if there is a way to always show the expandable hamburger menu instead of the full menu on all headers (front page, page and blog) all of the time, even on a larger computer screen.

Thanks for any help you can give!

First question is resolved; no problem. Just couldn’t see the hamburger menu because it’s the same color as the background on a smaller screen. Still need help with second question. I’ll start a different thread for that.