Responsive menu not working?

Hi there,

I use the Illdy theme, but in responsive mode the hamburger menu does nothing when you click on it (also it doesn’t in the demo ( How to get it working? My site:

Marcel Mooij


Please proceed to update the theme files to meet the latest version:
lldy, v1.0.16:

This should and will fix the issue, I’ll proceed to do the same for the demo page, thank you for pointing it out :slight_smile:

Kindly confirm you got it alright.


Hi support,

Thanks for the reply! I have updated the theme and now it’s working correct :wink:

It would be nice to have some extra’s: a button-up (scroll-top) if the user scrolls down and the ability to add CSS-changes within the theme. Or is this done easier than just changing the CSS-file and minify it?


Hello @mgmooij,

That’s great news, I’m happy that everything is working alright.

About your requests, you can use WordPress plugin to deal with both of them.
Try searching the plugin library for both back to top button and custom CSS.

Best regards