Responsive menu


I am trying to change my menu only on the IOS and Android version.
When I use a computer, I have an “arrow” in the menu to show/unfold the different subcategories of the product line I sell if I go on it.
However, when I use an android/ IOS and when I click on the menu, the subcategories are already unfolded without having to click on an arrow … I only have 2 categories for now so it is not an issue yet. But I will add maybe 30 others subcategories so I need to find out how to unfold only the categories I want and not all of them directly…

I hope you will understand :slight_smile:

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I forward this feature request to the dev team,

Let us know if you have any other questions,


Thank you Laranz :slight_smile:

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is there anything else? do you have any other question?