Hi folks, I have installed the travelify theme and it’s great BUT isn’t it supposed to be responsive? It looks no different on my samsung mobile phone…

It adjusts automatically to any screen size including tablets and smartphones as well as Retina displays.

It is responsive and it does work exactly like it should. I am 100% certain that there are no bugs in responsive layout. Please check our theme demo:

Ok, btw I like it a lot, I dont mean to sound negative. It’s just that usually when I use a responsive theme on mobile it becomes one column with a sort of choose menu option thing…whereas this on looks very same on my mobile as it does on my desktop, that’s all.
Thanks for reply.

The same thing will happens with this theme as well. One column that covers the entire screen area is how “responsive” work. It doesn’t matter what device you use because it is based on screen resolution instead of browser agent. Which means that you will get the same look when you resize desktop browser as you would on smaller screen device.

This template is awesome, there is one little thing that i have noticed. on a 10" android table when viewing in portrait mode the menu is displayed the same as viewing on a desktop but if you have many main menu buttons then this makes the menu look ugly because it drops the buttons down on a new line.

Would it make more sense that on a tablet in portrait mode it should be displaying the mobile type menu

if there is an easy fix for this, then i would apreaciate the clues to go in the right direction on acheiving this

This will never be implemented inside theme core because there is no one-size-fit-all solution and tablet will always have regular menu instead of mobile one because of usability. Whatever resizing will be used, there will be always someone who will find a way to break it. It is impossible to make one theme for 100,000 users needs.

Add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS to make mobile menu displayed on Tablets in portrait. Some other CSS styling might be required since theme is not to suppose to display this menu unless screen is smaller than 767px but not it is bumped to 1078px.

@media only screen and (max-width: 1078px) {
	#main-nav {
		height: 36px;
		padding: 13px 0 0;
	#main-nav ul {
		display: none;
	#main-nav select {
		display: block;
		height: 24px;
		width: 100%;