Retina Logo in Activello

Hi Movin,

in activello colorlib site, I find the description saying that this theme is retina logo ready. Maybe I completely missed it, but I cannot find about how to enable this retina logo feature.

  1. How can I enable retina logo feature? My problem is that the logo looks pixelated when viewed in mobile.

One measure I have tried is to create a logo file with double density (double pixel size), and upload it as [email protected]. However, this does not help and logo still looks blurry. When I check and open in mobile, logo.png is still loaded as the logo file.

  1. Is there any guideline or rule of thumb for optimum logo size for both desktop and mobile?

  2. This does not related to the topic itself, but I am wondering is there any plan for activello theme update?


Hi @fadill,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

For Retina Logo could you please try using the solution shared in the below topics?

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