Retina Ready - Actions I Should Take

Good morrow,

I’ve been experimenting with the Travelify theme and am thrilled. It’s by far the best WP theme I’ve had the chance to work with. I read it is retina ready but I’m curious what, exactly, that means.

I have been trying to find information on this topic specific to Travelify but I could just not be searching for it properly. I know there’s options for many themes like retina.js - just add extra image under the Apple standard @2x and it will update on the fly with little code. I can’t seem to see if anything here does the same thing.

I’m new enough that I may not know where to look but the support forums don’t have much matching the topic. If I use the Travelify suggested 1018x250 header image size (for example), does that count for a regular or 1x display or is that the proper retina/2x display option?

I know Travelify resizes on import, as well but I can’t imagine upsizing or changing is okay. I have a lot of high-quality images and do a lot of my own sizing to perfect specs on Photoshop then upload so I’d rather have the control over what size gets what treatment. Is that possible?

Thank you for any help or suggestions or guidance you can provide. I appreciate it!! If there are resources on this please let me know and I’ll go searching, too.

This theme does have Retina support for elements such as social icons and other graphics and elements that will look crisp on any resolution. However, this theme doesn’t include support for retina optimized images but it will look great nevertheless since I am retina MacBook user since it become first available. For even better Retina support you can use this plugin that will help you to optimized uploaded images as well.

Howdy, Aigars. Thank you so much for the response! That’s exactly what I was looking to know. I, too, use a MacBook with Retina and it is a glorious display and the amazing details that come from it are the best. I will check out that plug-in and work with it if it’s a good fit.

I am very small-time right now and until I see an increase in traffic, I may just serve up a naturally higher-res image for the time being. Thank you, again. I appreciate your well-done and well-coded theme and the support forums that you provide. Great resources.