Reversing update - update change my .css (and few more)

First of all - I am very mad about last update. I download 1.0.29 (previously had 1.0.24) because Wordpress recommend to do that.
After update - my whole customization just blow away. Nothing. The Colors look just like at Demo, captions are just like at Demo, changes to blog page (which I paid for - one of you) disapear… Translation (of some caption) which took me few hour - gone.

If I knew that update will blow away my site I would never do it.

How can I reverse update?
I checked at ftp - all files gone. I had only newest version…
I’m frustrated.

Less than week ago I finally launched site - after two months of preparation. And now its gone. (My bad - I didn’t make backup).

I desperatly need help to reverse it back!



That’s great news, I’m happy that you got this fixed.

Kind regards