Rich Snipped Problems


today I’ve got a little problem with SEO, google and the rich snipped. I hope you can help me. In my google webmaster tools I become for most sites the following problems: Missing required field “updated”.
Missing required hCard “author”.

After asking google for a while there are a lot of articles wthat told me, that I have to look in my content.php or single.php for tags with author and time… but I can’t find this code in the php-files.

So, I hope you can tell me, where I can find that code.

Thank you for your help!

dazzling_posted_on is the function you are going after and you can find it inside file called template-tags.php which is located in theme folder - inc. This file can be accessed only via FTP.

Thank you Aigars for the fast answer. I get access over the backend - design - editor. As I can see, the information about author and time are already there… now, I don’t know what I can do. Are these information only for posts? Because most of the problems which are shown comes from the pages.

Here is the website I am talking about . I would be very thankful if you can have a look again.

You have removed link form footer which of course eliminates any support.

But regarding your problem it is a bit obvious that pages doesn’t have author info and time when it was updated because Pages are static. Why would anyone would need to know that Paul created a contact form in August 2007 or something like that and updated in in 2009. This makes no sense. Of course you can implement these things to please Google but there is no logic.