Right sidebar widgets are not working for WordPress theme

Love the theme. I am struggling to get the sidebar to show on the right side. It works fine on the left, but is blank if I select the layout with the sidebar right. In trying to figure out why, I noticed the following:

The very last couple of lines are

Should it be get_sidbar(‘right’) instead of left?

then, in Stylesheet.css
There is a section for the LeftSidebarTemplate, however, there is none for the Right Sidebar

I tried adding / changing these 2 items, but and could get the sidebar to display at the bottom of the page, but still not on the side.

So, figured at this point that there is probably another piece I’m missing, and you could find it a lot quicker than I.

I am sure that right side sidebar are working correctly on any browser.

There could be many things that could break down sidebar and let’s start with the simplest ones:

  • You have no widgets selected for right side sidebar in Appearance – Widgets. Left and right sidebar are completely separated.
  • Adjustments in code could break theme functionality. In this case you will have to start over by replacing theme files with default ones. This will lose customizations done in the actual code. Content and Theme Options will remain.

Edit: I see that sidebar is working but it doesn’t fit on the right side due to your style.css tweaks. Consider changing #primary and/or #secondary width to make them fit side by side.

Hi. Ok, I feel incredibly embarrassed… putting the widgets on the wrong sidebar… geez! My apologizes for taking your time over that.

I hear you about changing code and functionality. I actually just put a comment in there so I could easily find the spot – but hadn’t changed anything else. :slight_smile:

To make the right sidebar fit, I set the float for #primary to right, and on #secondary, set flat to right, and changed margin-left to margin-right. That worked beautifully, and I didn’t have to muck with changing the widths that you already had set beautifully. It now fits fine with the sidebar on either the left or right!

Thanks so much for your help. I must say the support for this is fabulous. Many thanks!


Edit: #Secondary float:left not right

Sometimes the hardest questions have the simplest answers :slight_smile: