Ronaldo - ftco bootstrap stylesheet

I am looking through the source for ronaldo, and I was wondering why there are two bootstrap stylesheets.
There is one called open-iconic-bootstrap.min.css and then there is a bunch of bootstrap style definitions in css/style.css, which are prefixed with ftco. What does ftco mean and why don’t we just use plain bootstrap?

In styles.scss, there is a rule for .ftco-animate, which sets the visibility to hidden and opacity to 0. I can not find any Javascript or other code which indicates this will be changed, like an animation. Where is this changed? Right now, it is making my introduction invisible.

Hey there

Please provide a link to the website and i will check it, can’t recall if we have a template named Ronaldo :slight_smile:

Currently experiencing issue with the introduction which has the typing effect saying I am… I don’t know what causes the class ftco-animate to be removed for that entire text div as it is in the template.
Still also confused on the custom bootstrap css definitions preprended with ftco.

Hey there

To be honest, I can’t say why this is coded like this, the template is functioning very well and there is no problem with it. if you want to make changes this is an HTML template and you are free to any kind of modification in the template.
If you any part of the template I not functioning let me know and we will help you to fix it, unfortunately, I can’t answer to question similar to, why is this coded like this :slight_smile: