SALE product doesnt show any SALE BANNER

When I created the SALE page, the sale badge was showing on the image of the product, after a while it went.

it just came when created, NO MORE SALE Badge

SALE badge should display on the sale item.

please help, how to add the sale badge on the product

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Were any changes made to your theme recently?
Updates plugin updates, Additional CSS, plugin installation?

While you provide this information: you can look into this plugin that generates a sales page:OnSale Page for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin |

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hello there,

in this sale page, the sale badge doesn’t come up, however I have installed another plugin, where a badge does come but after I click on the product.

the badge should come up in the sale page.

I have been updating plugin, due to update

please help

Hi Supersavesports,

Have this issue been solved? I am facing the same problem with the sales tag not showing on the product located on the Home Page.

Hi there,
the sale badge/tag doesn’t come up.

I have been working on it, trying different plugins, but unfortunately, no luck. :frowning:

Either they are working on the solution or they have no idea. Whichever the case, a reply from the support on the status would have been better.