scroll-to-top button, is not working

scroll-to-top button, has stop showing

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The scroll to top button is located in the footer.
Based on what I’m seeing the footer is disabled or hidden, so the scroll to top won’t show.

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thanks ,I have reinstall and its working now.

scroll-to-top button, has stop showing again when I reinstall theme it start working but again it stop I have this child them attached and css file

I have not done any thing else in setting so don’t know how it happen.

My problem is not solve and i need urgent help for 3 issue.
1 footer is not showing i have not change any setting or any kind of change custom css file and child theme is already attached above .
2 scroll to top button is not working because of footer problem.
3 slider image is too much stretch how can i fix it what should be size for image of slider.

To confirm whether this is your child theme related issue could you please temporary activate Sparking theme and see whether everything works fine?

I have already done it as u can see on site

Hi movin I have just activate Sparking theme I can see footer working but slider image is not good is that mean child theme has problem . them can you please can u fix that for me . as I want to use those css and change which you have done in that child theme thanks .

I just check back and I found in parent theme after 10 minutes again it was not showing and then I switch back to child theme is was working .I have notice when do switching it work for few hour and then again disappear.

and in my child theme in footer Theme text Colorlib Powered by WordPress was not showing but now it again showing . can you provide me new child theme with those change and if possible add those css in it.


  1. The scroll to top works just fine, maybe that is due to cache, clear the cache if you made anything changes via CSS or JS.

  2. What do you mean slider images is not good, I see the slider also loaded just fine in my end, can you confirm? or can you pass us a screenshot and tell us what exactly you are trying to changes.

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yes it work just after switching the theme and then stop and now I have switched child them with css but its not showing grid lay out or any change I think its not working with css.i have checked just now

but I use those css in parent theme it works

but I use those css in parent theme it works.

see tag ling as css is not working

switching back to main them will try child them when everything is ok.


Pass us the WP Login details, we will check what is going wrong. Maybe some syntax error in the CSS file, I suggest you to install a plugin named “WPIDE” for editing files, it may give you hints when you have errors in the file before save.

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login detail username -Sparkling

password—[email protected]#$%12
i have activate Sparking theme and everything works fine .and did all those which i was advice but not i think it did not work
since you are going to have look i have a request can you pleas remove Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress from footer and look for slider image issue tooo thanks for help.

hi now feature image is not showing pleas help me fix