scroll with page option not turning off.

I have just installed Illdy theme on a new site. I have added custom images to the theme and added it as background in the header and the latest news sections on the front page. However when I turn off the scroll with page option the preview on the right of the page behaves as expected. But, when I load the actual site after publishing the images do not have a Parallax effect as expected.

Good morning

Not clearly understand your question, please provide link to the page

The page is not live yet I can grab a few screen shots but I am going to try and describe the issue a little better.

on the Illdy demo here the header image has a parallax effect.

on the other “Front Page sections” when you add a background image you have the option for that image to scroll with page. With this off it should have that same effect. But it does not matter if I have the scroll with page option on or off. It will not have the parallax effect when the page is loaded after publishing.

The attached screen shot is of the customize page and shows the settings. As you scroll the page the background image scrolls with the page and does not have the parallax effect.


mm, in such cases when default things are not working i have to see live website to replicate the problem and touch website :frowning: