Scrolling up automatically on android

Hi, I would like to ask for a help with scroll issue. I use Roxandrea html template for my project
Description of issue is when scrolling up for a bit it always scroll up to top of the page.
Can you help me with some solution?


Hi Stepan

Sorry, but not clearly understand your problem, can you please add a little bit more details? or maybe you can share a screencast?

Hi Noda,
Please see the video on google drive link

To be clear, the automatic scroll up is an issue. It should not do it automatically.

Hi there

Indeed, i see your problem Staniek from the video but when im checking it from my smartphone I can’t reproduce it, can you tell me more about your phone? what is the version of the Android and model of the phone?

Well, I tested on OnePlus 7, Samsung 8 within latest Android 10.

Issue resolved. Causeb by Stellar js plugin

Ah, thank you for sharing this info :slight_smile:

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions