Search bar on right side of top menu

I have centered my categories for my menu but it has pushed my search bar to go underneath on a separate line.
Id like to have the menu items and the search bar on the same line then have it fixed to the top of the screen so its always available. the following is the CSS i currently have applied

.site-navigation-inner.col-sm-12 {
float: none;
padding: 0;
margin: 0 auto;
display: table !important;
width: auto;

/full width logo container/
#masthead > div{

any help would be greatly appreciated.

hey there

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Can i see your website? please provide url of the page and i will take a look

It is not published publicly at the moment so i hope a picture will do. If not i can deactivate the “under construction” plug in for you.

thank you for the help!

hi there

Well, sorry but i have to see it because in order to generate custom css i have to use inspector tool and doing this on actual website is necessary :frowning: if you don’t want to deactivate coming soon page you can create temporary access details for me, post them here and after my investigation you can delete them,
don’t forget to use set as private reply checkmark when posting private data