Search button not working, how to fix?

I have used the futuremag custom template, from colourlib, for my blogger website, and for some reason the search bar (picture attached), doesn’t do anything when clicked. I have no idea how to use html code, but I think it would be easy to fix for someone who does know how. If anyone can check my website, and find out why it’s not opening up with a search bar when clicked, and fix it, it will be great!

Website link is:


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Was the search feature working at any point in the past or has this always been an issue?

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Hi Support,

Thanks! The search feature has always been an issue ever since I downloaded the FutureMag template. I have checked the preview of this template at this link, which the search bar also doesn’t work. It must have always been an issue with this custom template.

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Thanks for that information.

I noticed that the search feature in the demo was not working also. So in this case I will have to contact our developer to have him look into this issue.

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Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!