Hello, I’m Italian and I can’t speak English well so I hope to explain my problem to the fullest. I have a site with shopify and I use your SHAPE theme, I have never had problems but for many days when I connect to my site from mobile the SEARCH does not work anymore and this is very disabling for my shop ( I need help please because I didn’t touch any code and I didn’t make any changes so I can’t understand and solve, please help! Thanks, Sara

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Im sorry but SHAPE theme is not developed by us, you have to contact theme author or web designer who designed this theme and site for you.
We support only our products

Ok, sorry … where can I find out who developed this theme? can you please help me since I’m not very expert? Maybe there’s someone with my same problem

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Sorry, but I don’t know, you have to find a person who designed this website, this is not our product and this support board is dedicated to only our products :slight_smile:

Excuse me but I don’t want to insist, I just try to understand why on the various forums and above all the shopify person the link to your site has turned to me where it appears that this theme is your free color theme so

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Fashe, is our Shopify theme, but as you said you re using theme named SHAPE, which is not in the list of our theme, also, as I can see you don’t have our footer credits in the footer,

Sorry you’re right … then I don’t speak English very well and so I was wrong. The theme I’m using is what you see in the screenshot then FASHE. It is a theme that a graphic designer took on who edited my site and wrote to me to address you for the solution of this problem that I am experiencing. Having solved the problem of the name of the theme, I believe you can help me now since the theme is your theme, right?

Hey there

Well, that sounds normal now :slight_smile:

Please provide a link to your website and steps to reproduce your problem