Search on Top

I love this theme; it looks great on our new business/shop: However, we want to add the ability to have a ‘search’ at the top (in the black bar area, undneath menu). None of the widget areas are defined to go there.

Our homepage is a static homepage, linked to a page. Thus, the homepage 1, 2, 3 widgets appear UNDER that page, not on top, which makes it a bit hard to put a search on the site w/o it looking very strange.

How can I make the search box appear at the top? (I’d like an easy option, and not have to mess w/ the PHP too much. If we have to recode, that’s fine, but I figured I’d ask first before we messed with the PHP code.)



To get WordPress search you should add this function to header.php depending where and how you would like it to appear. The search form will look exactly like on in the widgets because it is the same form just called different way.

<?php get_search_form(); ?>

However, for header it might require some modifications to make it blend perfectly with your custom implementations but those are up to you.

Personally I would add search right after

<?php dazzling_header_menu(); ?>

but you can feel free to improvise.